Track respondents using a custom unique identifier

You can now track survey respondents using a custom unique id as part of the survey URL. This is an anonymous collection method through your own email client (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), so you must customize the end of the URL with an ID for each respondent.
1. Go to the MoboSurvey Distribute page to copy the URL of your survey. It's in this format: 
2. You need to add "?cv=" at the end of the link followed by the ID alphanumeric string that you want to use.
    For example: ?cv=12345 (id value be up to 100 characters)
    The resulting link format: (this is the url you would send to your
3. Create a URL unique id for each person. The link must be emailed separately to each respondent through your own
    email account.
  • In John's email you will send a url like:
  • In June's email you will send her own link:
  • And so on..
4. You can view the "Custom Value" for each survey response on the Submission screen.