The Importance of User Interface in Surveys and Questionnaires Design

Good UI (user interface) is important to every web page. It provides users with satisfying experiences making the web page look professional and establishes trust among users and web developers.  Regardless of how sophisticated, good UI allows for a seamless environment that responds intuitively to the user. Ease of navigation and efficient to use are essentials allowing the user to achieve goals quickly and easily. The goal of all UI design is to make using your product as simple, fast, and obvious as possible.

Most users spend mere seconds on web pages.  For web developers, making sure contents are clear and concise is extremely important. A bored and confused user will become disappointed and frustrated. Users will leave your website as soon as they become frustrated and most likely, they won’t return any time soon.

Apps that are easy to use are more likely to get used. Apps that are unnecessarily complicated to use and navigate will be avoided. When it comes to good UI in online web-based surveys and questionnaires, it is no different. Users want to take a questionnaire that can easily be read, scan through, easily & quickly comprehend questions, and easily answer the questions. When a website keeps good UI principles in mind during development process, it’s more likely to retain its viewers and will lead to substantially more traffic. Likewise, well designed questionnaires are more likely to obtain completed entries. UI can make all the difference between gaining a completed questionnaire entry and an incomplete one.

mobosurveyAt, we pride ourselves on crisp and seamless UI. We provide tools that allow users to create surveys and questionnaires that are fast and intuitive. Additionally, we emphasize the ease of use and native feel of the questionnaires regardless how they’re being viewed by the respondents. Whether it’s from an iPhone, tablet, Android phone, Windows phone, or a desktop, the questionnaires will appear native and efficient. This can be said for any mobile devices as well. Whether you are conducting market research or just creating a form and are looking for well designed UI, is the right tool for you.

Track respondents using a custom unique identifier

You can now track survey respondents using a custom unique id as part of the survey URL. This is an anonymous collection method through your own email client (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), so you must customize the end of the URL with an ID for each respondent.
1. Go to the MoboSurvey Distribute page to copy the URL of your survey. It's in this format: 
2. You need to add "?cv=" at the end of the link followed by the ID alphanumeric string that you want to use.
    For example: ?cv=12345 (id value be up to 100 characters)
    The resulting link format: (this is the url you would send to your
3. Create a URL unique id for each person. The link must be emailed separately to each respondent through your own
    email account.
  • In John's email you will send a url like:
  • In June's email you will send her own link:
  • And so on..
4. You can view the "Custom Value" for each survey response on the Submission screen.

New Date Field Added to Survey Designer

We would like to announce a small enhancement release to MoboSurvey's survey designer tool. We have added a date field type. This field is available to all users. Below is a screenshot of how the date field type would show up on the survey designer tool's add a new field section.
add a new field screenshot