New Field Types Added

We would like to announce a small enhancement release to MoboSurvey's survey designer tool. We have added an email field type along with a numeric field type. These fields are available to all users. Below is how the field types would show up on the survey designer tool's add a field section.
add a field

New and Improved Charts

We would like to announce an enhancement release to MoboSurvey reporting analytics tool. We have added several key improvements for users to configure and customize charts within the settings section. Amongst the new settings are:

Include Choices - Allows you to filter certain results/choices and combine them into one result called “all other results”.
Show Percentage/Count Y-Axis - The chart can display up to two Y-axis. One for percentage and one for count. You can show or hide each Y-axis independently.
Grid lines - You will have the capability to show or hide grid lines. If you decide to show grid lines, you will have an option to show them according to percentage or count.
Data Label Format - You will have an option to format your data point labels. Amongst the options are:
  • Percent only
  • Count only
  • Count and Percent
  • Hide data point label
Sorting - You will have the ability to sort the results by different methods:
  • Default - the order that you listed the choices in your question
  • Selections/choices in alphabetical order
  • Count in numerical order
  • Count and selection – will sort by count  and use selections/choices as the tie-breaker     
Charting Sample

Please view our tutorial page for more details and a screenshot.

Our charting tool is only available for Pro and Premium plans. Refer to our Plans and Pricing page for more details.

SSL Support

At MoboSurvey we take data security seriously.  To best protect and secure the data collection and processing of our customers, we have implemented SSL for the entire MoboSurvey website.  When logging into your account or updating your account information, be assured that your personal data are protected by SSL. Data submitted by your survey and poll respondents are also transferred over a secure network.  In addition, submission and report data are encrypted and only shown to the rightful owner. Please note that SSL is currently available only to Pro and Premium customers.  Go to our pricing plans page to see more information regarding pricing plans and features.

Polling and Payment

poll sample
We are excited to announce the addition of polling system to our MoboSurvey product offering.  You can now create a one-question online poll and distribute it anywhere over the web. Utilizing MoboSurvey simple and intuitive interface, users can create a poll in matter of seconds.  It's ideally used for one question feedback and share the results with all users.  The poll can be distributed to mobile devices, tablets, and websites. Combining with our online survey application, we believe MoboSurvey provides our users a complete and effectively communication solution to reach out to their target audience.   The polling application is available to new and existing users with no additional charge.

We would also like to announce that MoboSurvey now accepts payments.  If you are currently registered with a paid plan with us, please log into to your account to update your information.