New and Improved Survey Designer and Distribution

We are proud to announce another major enhancement release for MoboSurvey.  We have added several new features and improvements to the Survey Designer, Distribution, and Submissions modules. Here are highlights of the new and improved features:

Survey Designer New Features
  • Revamped field property settings for Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown, and Matrix question types.  You can now easily reorder the individual option in each field.
  • Radio and Checkbox question types now allow "other" optional option.  This "other" option allows survey respondents to type in their own answers.  This optional setting can be found in the setting properties of the question.
  • Enhance support for other languages.  Before this release you could create surveys in other languages besides English, but the Submit, Next, Previous buttons were predefined to only English.  Now the buttons are still default to English, but you can change the content text of the button to cater to your chosen language.  You can find these in the survey settings.
Distribution New Features
  • Website Banner Popup - A new distribution method where you define your own text in the banner and choose the location of the banner to be displayed on your website.  We will generate a short block of Javascript code for you to be included in your website.
  • QR Code -QR Code is a barcode used by mobile devices to scan for more detail information.  We provide you a QR Code that you can use and embed into any printed media.  Your users can scan the code with their mobile phone, and it will automatically take them to the survey.
Submissions New Features
  • In the Submissions module, we now track which device your users used to complete your surveys.  The information are including device's operating system and browser.