Why mobile survey matters?


The rise of mobility has more than arrived, it has unquestionably changed the way we communicate.  With the always on and fast internet connection, it allows us to stay connected and interactive through social networking and the world wide web at every corner.  Market researcher Gartner says sales of smart phones will reach 567.6 million this year.  And approximately 1 billion smart phones will be sold in 2014, about double that of PCs in the same year, Gartner also predicts.  These numbers are just for smart phones, not including the growing demand of tablets that come in many sizes.  Smart phones and tablets are currently widely used by consumers and business users.

What does this all mean?  Smart phones and tablets are fun and productive.  It has apps, games, web, email, GPS, and many other features.   More importantly, it follows wherever its user goes.  The more time a person spends on a mobile device the more often she will check emails and perform other Internet activities.  As a result, your respondents have more opportunity to response to your online surveys.  Let’s consider a scenario where a customer is asked to fill out a satisfaction survey upon checking out of a hotel.   It is more likely that customer would complete the survey right away from a smartphone while her staying experience is still fresh on her mind.  This is one of many situations where the power of mobility proves to be more effective.  The ability to let your customers complete the survey on the spot or at their convenient time gives them the space and opportunity to send you a more thorough feedback.

Since all smart phones allow us to add personal email accounts to the device, it is fair to assume that it’s much more convenient to check emails on the phone than using a PC.  When checking email on a smartphone, you don’t have to type in username and password.  It also automatically checks and syncs your new incoming emails. You can also check mails from anywhere at anytime.  If you send a survey to your respondents’ email address, it is more likely that survey would be open from the mobile phone than from a PC.

Of course, mobile phones and tablets do not come in one flavor.  There are IOS for iPhone and iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, WebOS, and other mobile operating systems.  Each of these operating systems does not talk to the others.  Web content may work on one phone or tablet, but does not guarantee to work on the others.  You need to take this mobile platform issue into account when building your website or surveys.  Not only the web app needs to work, it needs to be optimized for the mobile usability as well.

These are facts and trends that businesses cannot afford to ignore.  When distributing your online surveys, you have to account for all of the above online channels. Your respondents could be using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC to access your survey.  You don’t have control and can’t predict the device they will be using.   You have to make sure your survey works across platforms.

mobosurvey iconWhat is the possible solution? MoboSurvey is an online survey system that works and looks native on all platforms.  Whether it’s a PC, tablet, mobile phone, it’s designed to address all of the above concerns.  It’s also designed to work with all mobile operating systems.  We make it so that you can easily create a survey in a matter of minutes.  Once it’s done, you can distribute your surveys via email, website/app embedding, Facebook, or Twitter.  Your respondents can use any device of their choice to complete the survey.   You won’t have to worry about losing submission on incompatible devices.  Our analytic module is full with features. You can view your submissions in real-time.   We also offer charts, frequency reports, and cross-tabulation reports for analyzing your data.  The bottom line is to make sure to consider your mobile audience when building a survey for your business or other needs.


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  2. Great article. Mobile smart phones are here to stay. There are still some people who hasn't transitioned from a regular cell phone to a smart phone yet. The number keeps getting bigger.

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