Beta Release 0.2

The analytic module is our primary focus for this latest release. While there are many small enhancements and updates to improve the overall MoboSurvey product, there are two new major features that we would like to highlight.

First is the report charting.  For each question in the frequency report, you can click on “show chart” to view and visually compare data.  Among the most popular charts are pie, column, line, and many more.  There are a total of more than 7 types of chart and graph available from this page.

Second important new feature is the cross tab report.  A cross tab report shows the relationship between two or more survey questions.  You can use this report to compare how two different groups of respondents answer to the same question.
From the below cross tab example, we can tell that every unsatisfied customer has the age of between 26 and 36. While the age group “less than 18” is more happy with the customer services.  You can use this feature to plan for improvements that will target specific groups of customers. These breakdown numbers are important when analyzing the results. We want to provide you all possible tools to improve your business bottom line.   


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