MoboSurvey Beta is now available

We are happy to announce the release of a beta version for MoboSurvey.  Our team have worked very hard to bring you a truly mobile online survey system.  Mobosurvey  helps you quickly create online surveys that are accessible from any internet capable device.  We will continue to make improvements and add more features during the beta period.  In the meantime, please feel free to sign up and use it for your surveying needs.  We would also greatly appreciate for any feedbacks you may have.

Available Features
  • Flexible, easy, and intuitive survey creating tool. You can simply use the drag and drop feature to add and edit question fields on the same screen, without the need to navigate to different pages.
  • Rule Logic.  Sometime, you only want the participants to answer questions if a condition is met. You can add Field Rules to the survey to implement this rule condition. Or if you have multiple-pages survey, you can use Page Rule to allow the participants to skip to a specific page if a condition is met.
  • Survey distribution. After a survey is created, you can distribute it to all your survey participants using the same web URL.  The system will automatically detect their internet device and direct to appropriate browser setting.  In other words, if your users use smartphone to fill out the survey, the survey they see will be optimize for the smartphone setting.
  • Submission and Reportings.  Survey system would not be complete without data analytic tools.  To start of, we have a Submission page so that you can view every individual submission entry.  If you want to view the data at a higher level, our reporting tool is also available to show the aggregate view of each question.
This is only the beginning.  We will continue to work hard to keep bringing more features in the very near future.  So stay tune...

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