Branding and Theming

As a survey creator, you can now include your own logo to the surveys. You also have the option to choose a color theme to go with the branding. To use this feature, click on "Theme" menu item from the survey designer.  From the Theme window, you can add your own brand logo image and select one of the six available color themes to go with your survey.  While we continue adding and improving MoboSurvey product offering, we hope this theming feature will enhance your survey visual appearance.

New and Improved Survey Designer and Distribution

We are proud to announce another major enhancement release for MoboSurvey.  We have added several new features and improvements to the Survey Designer, Distribution, and Submissions modules. Here are highlights of the new and improved features:

Survey Designer New Features
  • Revamped field property settings for Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown, and Matrix question types.  You can now easily reorder the individual option in each field.
  • Radio and Checkbox question types now allow "other" optional option.  This "other" option allows survey respondents to type in their own answers.  This optional setting can be found in the setting properties of the question.
  • Enhance support for other languages.  Before this release you could create surveys in other languages besides English, but the Submit, Next, Previous buttons were predefined to only English.  Now the buttons are still default to English, but you can change the content text of the button to cater to your chosen language.  You can find these in the survey settings.
Distribution New Features
  • Website Banner Popup - A new distribution method where you define your own text in the banner and choose the location of the banner to be displayed on your website.  We will generate a short block of Javascript code for you to be included in your website.
  • QR Code -QR Code is a barcode used by mobile devices to scan for more detail information.  We provide you a QR Code that you can use and embed into any printed media.  Your users can scan the code with their mobile phone, and it will automatically take them to the survey.
Submissions New Features
  • In the Submissions module, we now track which device your users used to complete your surveys.  The information are including device's operating system and browser.

Why mobile survey matters?


The rise of mobility has more than arrived, it has unquestionably changed the way we communicate.  With the always on and fast internet connection, it allows us to stay connected and interactive through social networking and the world wide web at every corner.  Market researcher Gartner says sales of smart phones will reach 567.6 million this year.  And approximately 1 billion smart phones will be sold in 2014, about double that of PCs in the same year, Gartner also predicts.  These numbers are just for smart phones, not including the growing demand of tablets that come in many sizes.  Smart phones and tablets are currently widely used by consumers and business users.

What does this all mean?  Smart phones and tablets are fun and productive.  It has apps, games, web, email, GPS, and many other features.   More importantly, it follows wherever its user goes.  The more time a person spends on a mobile device the more often she will check emails and perform other Internet activities.  As a result, your respondents have more opportunity to response to your online surveys.  Let’s consider a scenario where a customer is asked to fill out a satisfaction survey upon checking out of a hotel.   It is more likely that customer would complete the survey right away from a smartphone while her staying experience is still fresh on her mind.  This is one of many situations where the power of mobility proves to be more effective.  The ability to let your customers complete the survey on the spot or at their convenient time gives them the space and opportunity to send you a more thorough feedback.

Since all smart phones allow us to add personal email accounts to the device, it is fair to assume that it’s much more convenient to check emails on the phone than using a PC.  When checking email on a smartphone, you don’t have to type in username and password.  It also automatically checks and syncs your new incoming emails. You can also check mails from anywhere at anytime.  If you send a survey to your respondents’ email address, it is more likely that survey would be open from the mobile phone than from a PC.

Of course, mobile phones and tablets do not come in one flavor.  There are IOS for iPhone and iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, WebOS, and other mobile operating systems.  Each of these operating systems does not talk to the others.  Web content may work on one phone or tablet, but does not guarantee to work on the others.  You need to take this mobile platform issue into account when building your website or surveys.  Not only the web app needs to work, it needs to be optimized for the mobile usability as well.

These are facts and trends that businesses cannot afford to ignore.  When distributing your online surveys, you have to account for all of the above online channels. Your respondents could be using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC to access your survey.  You don’t have control and can’t predict the device they will be using.   You have to make sure your survey works across platforms.

mobosurvey iconWhat is the possible solution? MoboSurvey is an online survey system that works and looks native on all platforms.  Whether it’s a PC, tablet, mobile phone, it’s designed to address all of the above concerns.  It’s also designed to work with all mobile operating systems.  We make it so that you can easily create a survey in a matter of minutes.  Once it’s done, you can distribute your surveys via email, website/app embedding, Facebook, or Twitter.  Your respondents can use any device of their choice to complete the survey.   You won’t have to worry about losing submission on incompatible devices.  Our analytic module is full with features. You can view your submissions in real-time.   We also offer charts, frequency reports, and cross-tabulation reports for analyzing your data.  The bottom line is to make sure to consider your mobile audience when building a survey for your business or other needs.

MoboSurvey is out of beta

We are proud to announce that MoboSurvey is now officially out of beta. Special thanks to our user community, who have been making suggestions and sending us feedback to improve our overall core product.  Over the last few months, we have been hard at work on making improvements and adding several new features to the website.  "Beta" will be removed from the website logo, but we'll continue to innovate and improve upon the application.  We'll continue to add more features and incorporate your feedback into the site.  We'll also publish a roadmap in the near future to keep you updated on our product development.

We also would like to take this opportunity to announce our pricing plan.  MoboSurvey remains free for the rest of 2011 calendar year, and this applies to all pricing plans.  You do not need billing information to register for a new account.  You can also cancel your account anytime without obligation.  After this year, the Free plan will always remain free in the future.  The Pro plan will be available for a very low price of $15/month.  If you need unlimited submissions, we offer the Premium plan for $35/month.  We believe these pricing plans are very competitive for the features and quality that MoboSurvey offers.  Please see our pricing plans page for more details.

Again, the MoboSurvey team would like to thank everyone of you for your ongoing support.  

Beta Release 0.2

The analytic module is our primary focus for this latest release. While there are many small enhancements and updates to improve the overall MoboSurvey product, there are two new major features that we would like to highlight.

First is the report charting.  For each question in the frequency report, you can click on “show chart” to view and visually compare data.  Among the most popular charts are pie, column, line, and many more.  There are a total of more than 7 types of chart and graph available from this page.

Second important new feature is the cross tab report.  A cross tab report shows the relationship between two or more survey questions.  You can use this report to compare how two different groups of respondents answer to the same question.
From the below cross tab example, we can tell that every unsatisfied customer has the age of between 26 and 36. While the age group “less than 18” is more happy with the customer services.  You can use this feature to plan for improvements that will target specific groups of customers. These breakdown numbers are important when analyzing the results. We want to provide you all possible tools to improve your business bottom line.   

Beta Release 0.1

Thank you everyone for your feedback and ongoing support.  We are very excited to see a high level of interest from our user community.   We want to let you know that we are committed to continuous efforts to improve and add more features to   For this reason, we’ve just published version 1.1 of  This release includes some new features as well as several improvements to the site.

Here are some of the new features and enhancements:

  • The ability to clear all fields in the survey designer page with a press of a button.
  • Opening/closing a survey anytime.  If you need to immediately close and stop accepting surveys from your participants, you can now use the green button on the dashboard to close them.  Click on the red light to open.
  • Improving the survey rule logic page
  • Improving the embed survey distribution mode

MoboSurvey Beta is now available

We are happy to announce the release of a beta version for MoboSurvey.  Our team have worked very hard to bring you a truly mobile online survey system.  Mobosurvey  helps you quickly create online surveys that are accessible from any internet capable device.  We will continue to make improvements and add more features during the beta period.  In the meantime, please feel free to sign up and use it for your surveying needs.  We would also greatly appreciate for any feedbacks you may have.

Available Features
  • Flexible, easy, and intuitive survey creating tool. You can simply use the drag and drop feature to add and edit question fields on the same screen, without the need to navigate to different pages.
  • Rule Logic.  Sometime, you only want the participants to answer questions if a condition is met. You can add Field Rules to the survey to implement this rule condition. Or if you have multiple-pages survey, you can use Page Rule to allow the participants to skip to a specific page if a condition is met.
  • Survey distribution. After a survey is created, you can distribute it to all your survey participants using the same web URL.  The system will automatically detect their internet device and direct to appropriate browser setting.  In other words, if your users use smartphone to fill out the survey, the survey they see will be optimize for the smartphone setting.
  • Submission and Reportings.  Survey system would not be complete without data analytic tools.  To start of, we have a Submission page so that you can view every individual submission entry.  If you want to view the data at a higher level, our reporting tool is also available to show the aggregate view of each question.
This is only the beginning.  We will continue to work hard to keep bringing more features in the very near future.  So stay tune...